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Total Masonry Solution
Shal Builders is a privately owned company that started  business in 1999 as a masonry contractor, since then we have been providing masonry services for commercial and residential in DC, MD and VA.
We also provide masonry services for local government, federal buildings, national parks and zoos, etc...
As a long term experienced company we are able to understand our customers needs and provide the best service possible in the market.

We work together with qualified engineers, architects and designers to deliver the full service package.

Give us a call at
(202) 492-4443 or (301) 789-3293
1) Brick-Re-Pointing will prevent from building mold in internal walls.

3) Brick-Re- Pointing will
extend the masonry life for more than 50%.
2) Brick Re-Pointing will stop water leaks and prevent from any internal damage.