Total Masonry Solution
Total Masonry Solution

                   Our company has been providing professional and reliable masonry services in commercial and residential in DC, MD and VA.
For more than 15 years in masonry business our company has provided restoration services for many historical properties around Washington DC area and also did new constructions as well. We are proud of our teams when it comes to solving masonry issues such as water leaks through masonry wall, mortar matching, I beam installation, masonry opening, wall reinforcement and much more.

No project is too small, our team will communicate with clients to make sure we understand the customer needs and deliver the project as expected.  For more detail or any question with your project you are always welcome to contact us and ask questions over the phone or schedule an appointment.

We also provide a minimum three years warranty for all labor services. We genuinely care about our customers and go above and beyond to provide the best service in the market. 

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